Motorbike Shipping

There are several ways in which we can ship your bike or bikes or even side-car.

The first is to place in a container with our cars, this is by far the cheapest to do. The bikes are secured to the container along with other bikes and cars, all work is carried by us. Service runs when we have containers ready to go to the destination you wish to go.

Another way is by LCL (less than container load) this is where your bike is put on a crate and put into a container with other goods. We supply the crates to you free of charge due to being given them by Donford BMW free of charge. This works out more expensive than our own container share but is more regular and goes to all destinations.

How to bring the price down? There are a few options we have tried in the past which includes putting more than 1 motorbike on a crate, this only works for smaller bikes.

Finally we are able to set up flight transport to and from Cape Town, this is the most expensive option but also the quickest. For this we will need to place the bike on a crate and deliver to the airport.

All our costs at African Overlanders are fixed and we tell you about any fees that may happen on arrival. Please fill in the form below to get a quote.


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