Permanent Export of Vehicles from South Africa

Buying a car from South Africa and shipping to your home country whether for personal use or as a business can be a great investment, we are able to offer you a service where you don’t even need to leave your house until the vehicle arrives at your home port.

If you find a car you like within South Africa that you wish to buy and then to send to your home country we are able to help every step of the process.

To find a car within South Africa there are several ways to do this, websites that can be looked on include, and Car dealers can also be contacted directly through their websites.

Once you have seen a car you like please fill in the form below and we will give you a quote per car, if you want to send more than one car or motorbike then please let us know and we will endeavor to get a discount for you.

In the same email we will also send you information on getting the car exported and costs involved.

Permanent Export Quote Form

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