4×4 Buy – Back

 4×4 Buy Back

Heading out on a self-drive African adventure is a huge personal decision to make, with lots of information to have to consider. Renting a suitable car for a long-term trip quickly becomes too costly. Buying a car in Africa as a foreigner is complicated. Here we explain how and why our ‘4×4 buy-back’ package may suit your needs. So if you wish to travel for three months and longer.

1) We sell you a suitable vehicle at near market value starting from £6000 / 7000 Euros with a monthly fee starting at £600/700 Euros. It will be fully kitted out, have a DEKRA roadworthy certificate and will have fully comprehensive insurance (this may not be valid in all countries you choose to visit, please check the policy).

2) On arrival with us we will show you how and when to carry out essential maintenance checks on the vehicle and take you out driving both on and off road. All documentation for border crossings will be provided along with instructions as to how to do this.

3) If happy, you pay us and are free to explore. The car is yours to use, but importantly yours to maintain and look after.

4) Support is provided via WhatsApp for the duration of your trip.

5) At the end of your trip return the car to us.

6) We deduct the cost of repairing the car back to DEKRA standards as required and the monthly rental cost of the car from the money you gave us before you left.

7) The rest of your money is returned to you!

If this is of interest, please read the next 3 pages of information to gain more understanding of the vehicles, the service offered and cost.

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