Motorbike Shipping


Motorbike Shipping to and from South Africa

We provide a variety of fully comprehensive services from drop off to collection: 

  • Shared container – the cheapest option
  • Less than container load (LCL) – ship to nearly any place that is not severed by our normal routes
  • Air – the fastest but the most expensive.
  • Bespoke services using pallets and boxes can be provided if speed or an unusual destination is required. Costs vary considerably depending on the locations involved.

Our preferred method is using a shared container and the process is simple!  

You drop the bike off at an agreed time and place to enable us to pack the container! 


 The motorbikes are loaded and unloaded on our farm; leaving the port still inside the sealed container and are customs checked on our land, before going directly into our storage facility. 

On arrival or departure from African Overlanders we offer 90 days free storage on our land to make this process as stress free as possible for you. The process at other ports around the world varies, but is fully supported by us from start to finish. The bike is strapped directly to the container using quality straps, therefore there is no need for pallets. Panniers and bags can also be left on the bike whilst being shipped. Insurances can be added according to your individual needs and is priced separately, please ask for more information. 

We offer an additional storage service beyond 90 days and can store your motorcycle securely and legally in South Africa for up to 2 years when using a Carnet de Passage. 

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