Poste Restante


So you need something sent to you then please let us help.

Please send us an email with your name which will be on the package, whom it is sent from and your approximate date of arrival with us. We will keep the package safe for you.

The package will be held for 3 months after your arrival date.

Please remember packages coming from overseas may incur a tax, this will have to be paid before we collect your parcel

Please send to (this is less secure than courier)

Duncan Johnson
Your Name
PO Box 1007
Western Cape
South Africa

If you want to use DHL, UPS or one of the courier services please send to

Duncan Johnson
African Overlanders
Near Green Acres Riding School
Botfontein Road
Cape Town
South Africa

Telephone +27715219742 (please put this on in case the driver gets lost)