Permanent Export of Vehicles from South Africa


Permanent Export of Vehicles 

Buying a car from South Africa and shipping to your home country for personal use or as a business can be a great investment! We are experienced and able to offer you a service which means you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home until the vehicle arrives at your home port. 

There is a very specific process that must be followed exactly in order for this to happen smoothly, so please get us involved from the very start of your planning process. 

1) We ensure your chosen car is licensed and legal by checking chassis and engine numbers to see if there are any issues with theft, paperwork to see if any back payments are required.  

2) We transport the car from most major cities in Southern Africa to us in Cape Town. We offer free storage if you wish to buy more than one car or whilst we are waiting for a container partner to arrive. 

3) We then need to go through a process for export, this includes the paperwork of the car, the licensing, the data dotting, the police clearance and finally customs and ITAC. This will get us in a position ready to ship. 

4) We are then ready to pack the container; this is done with 4 x 3-ton straps per car by our very experienced team.   

5) On arrival in destination ports there will usually be some additional taxes to pay before the vehicle is released. These are usually based on a percentage of the receipted value of the car and shipping. In the UK this is 5% for cars over 30 years old, this percentage changes in the USA, Canada and Europe. 

Insurance can be sourced at additional cost according to your individual needs; please ask for more details. 

Please fill in the form below providing details of the vehicles you are considering purchasing to enable us to provide you with a bespoke quotation. We will always aim to provide a discount when shipping multiple vehicles with us.

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