Car Insurance


One of the most asked questions we get is about insurance, and whether insurance is required to drive in South Africa and surrounding countries.

Insurance is not required by South African law to drive on the roads of South Africa. You as a person are insured by the fuel tax that you pay when buying petrol or diesel, but your vehicle is not. However with all schemes like this it can be slow and may not work so we suggest you always take out personal cover.

Your car is not covered under this scheme, the only way to cover your risk on the road is to take out cover within Europe that covers Africa. We have been told about a company in Windhoek who offer yearly insurance policies.

Isabell Schnoor

Herman Krause Insurance Brokers cc

Western Square Building, 2 Ballot Street, Windhoek

P O Box 91504, Klein Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia

Tel:   +264 61 239 270

Fax:  +264 61 239 260

Cell:  +264 81 325 4407


We are not able to offer advise on the policy so please contact them directly.