Straw Bale Double


Our double room is built on a concept from different era’s and continents. A double room made from straw bales in the design of an African rondeval

Straw houses were started in Africa as early as the Palaeolithic era, but this was not moved forward greatly until the invention of the baling machine late in the 1800’s. From here Nebraska, USA took the idea further and the earliest recorded build was a school house built in 1902, however this was reported to have been eaten by cows soon after.

The next part of our design was African through and through, with the design of the traditional African style house better known now as a rondeval, for a roof we used traditional thatch. The building makes an amazing place to sleep, with the palm trees just outside and amazing views of Table Mountain through the stable door, you will feel in a different world.

This is your opportunity to live like Bilbo Baggins.

Can we ask you to please book the double in advance by either calling us on +27715219742 or sending us an email to You can turn up if you wish but we may not be here to greet you.

If you decide not to arrive after you have booked please also let us know.

Cost R400 per night for the room.