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To and from Cape Town we can offer two types of service a 20ft (6meter) container and a 40ft (12 meter) container.

The basic difference between the two services are time and cost. A 20ft container is a weekly service to Europe, South America or anywhere else in the world. A 40ft container is also the same but we need to find a container partner for you to share with. The saving between a 20ft and a 40ft is around 25% per vehicle.

For the 20ft container, please fill in the form below to get an instantaneous quote to Hamburg, Rotterdam, Barcelona, London Gateway, Marseille, Buenos Aires and Zarate. On the quote are instructions on the total procedure. Feel free to ask any questions. Once you agree please let us know the month you would like to send the vehicle and the destination. Also please confirm the size of your vehicle (length x width x height) and if you require roof top tents to be taken off.

For a container share , please do the same but we will need more time so please get in contact early, we will also need to know when you wish to ship. The more time you give us the more chance we have of finding you a partner.

We are also able to help in the same way with importing your vehicle, once again if you give us time we will find a partner for you to container share. We always prefer for you to send your vehicles early so that when you arrive you aren’t waiting for the cargo to arrive. We offer free storage at African Overlanders for a month to help with this. Once again the list of total prices are sent to you by filling in the contact form below.

On both types of shipments we are also able to put motorbikes in, which is the most economical way to send your bike to or from Cape Town.

Over the years we have added more and more services to our repertoire, some of which are exclusive to us:

• 3 months storage is included in the cost of shipping your vehicle with us. This allows you to ship in plenty of time, avoiding delays in shipping that can happen for a number of reasons along the way. 

• The 4x4s and motorbikes are loaded and unloaded on our farm; they leave the port still inside the sealed container and are customs checked on our land, they then go directly into storage.

• We are the ones doing the packing and the unpacking, no workers, only the owners of the company. We use the best strapping equipment and drive the cars out of the container. Each 4×4 strap has a holding strain of 3 tons- we use 4 per car!

• We can also build your overland vehicle for you. This allows you to save a fortune on European prices by taking advantage of great exchange rates and quality equipment that is available in South Africa. 

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