Container Shipping


Container Shipping 

We offer a fully comprehensive worldwide shipping service to and from Cape Town, arranging everything from drop off to collection. Individual shipments, oversized vehicles and ‘Container shares’ can all be organised from a variety of ports around the world, though the size of your vehicle and any time restraints you may have will affect which service is suitable for you. We can even permit you to assist with or supervise the packing process from certain ports. 

Danie and Duncan are very experienced in the packing and the unpacking of all vehicles and driving the cars out of the container. Each strap used in this process has a holding strain of 3 tons- we use at least 4 per car!  

African Overlanders advises that shipping is carried out at least a month before your arrival in order to minimise the impact of any shipping delays, which are unfortunately regular occurrences that are best factored into your plans. To help with this process, we offer 3 months free and secure storage on our land for each vehicle imported or exported by us. We can legally store your car in South Africa on a Carnet de Passage for up to two years and on Temporary Import Permit for up to a year. Storage costs are priced separately beyond 3 months. Insurances vary wildly- so are best tailored to your needs and added to the price, please ask us for further information. 

Additional Costs: Quotes on the most used routes are totally incorporated, however there are some additional costs that may sometimes be incurred that our outside of our control such as: 

  • x-rays, storage and customs searches.
  • If you decide to use a Temporary Import Permit, additional fees will need to be paid to the South African government before arrival of the container on our land.  
  • If you have decide to use a Carnet de Passage, this will be handed to the agent on export and couriered to us in Cape Town. Alternatively we will courier this to the agent in your port of arrival before the ship arrives.

The process of shipping to Cape Town: Once we have a partner for you (if this is your chosen option), you will need to drop the car or motorbike off just before the date we need to pack the container (this is often a very tight schedule). We will then pack the container and take it to the port. The container is then shipped, and brought directly to our land outside Cape Town where it is custom inspected. The cars are then unpacked and put into storage until your arrival. 

The process of shipping from Cape Town is the same as above, though not as tightly scheduled as you will get 5 free days storage in your arrival port for you to collect the car. 

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