We are moving


Dear all

The time has come to move, we bought this farm 11 years ago with the knowledge that one day the government may want to buy the farm from us as the city of Cape Town expands. A couple of months ago an offer was made, our neighbours accepted and then this has pushed us in the same direction.

So where are we going? We have a new farm around 50 km from Cape Town on the West Coast. This farm was in the past a horse farm, it has still stables and 2 horses. For the Overlanders it has shaded camping area, some stables that have been converted into double rooms, a bigger indoor vehicle storage area, a mechanical area. But also 3 boreholes and a small solar set up system, so the infamous load shedding will become a thing of the past.

We have animals wandering around the farm, and even a tame Ostrich called Ozzy, so we hope to have a fun relaxing place where you can start or end your trip, or maybe just relax in the middle.

So when is this happening?, exact date is not yet known but looking at mid May at the present time.

Get in touch and we will update you.

Tel – +27715219742

Email – africanoverlanders@live.com